How Did the Internet Let Kanye West Get Away With This?

At times, most of the time, rap fans and critics seem to be ready to pounce on anything remotely close to sensational in the genre.  When it comes to our guy Kanye, the man can hardly breathe harder than we’d like him to before a slew of memes, vines and misspelled words flood our feeds ridiculing his audacity to mouth-breathe once or twice. (insert pic of photoshopped shot of Ye using an inhaler).

So with that said, what the actual fuck happened a month ago on “All Your Fault” when Kanye said he was the closest thing to Michael Jackson since Janet?! Seriously?! For all the shit we (Diddy’s clownin’ ass included) have given the man over the last five years for wearing muslin cloth, trying to invent dance moves and comparing himself to Michelangelo and shit, the whole world let this one slip? It’s hard to digest, honestly.

Is it that Kanye has bombarded us with so much G.O.O.D. over these past few months that this outlandish statement was lost in it all? This is not even to deny that he is not the closest to Mike Jack, but such a statement is ballsy, still. And his statements, like government power, should not go unchecked. Is it that Kanye’s revamped his image recently and showed a sign of himself that has revealed to us that the man is human?

Have we just become so resistant to all the remarkable things says that this one just kinda rolled off? Or is it that the man has accomplished so much and continued to carve out a lane previously unpaved by anyone that the world really thinks the man is the closest we’ll get to MJ in this era? Yeah, there are lots of questions but it’s amazing to think the internet just let this one dry into the cement. Even on Twitter there a no more than a handful of tweets discussing the line. Let’s get through this, together by attempting to tackle some of the inquiries that have surely ran through more than one mind.

So, is it that the 2015 Kanye takeover has masked the bombastic comparison, allowing it to remain as just another bar on Sean’s best work yet? The answer is no. Something as menial as an appearance at a chicken joint in France got more attention than the line. Hell, even another rapper putting on a showcase for Ye was more popular than the line. But most importantly, another line in the song that was much less controversial, though probably funnier, got some blog play that would imply that his MJ line should have gotten a pitchfork think piece, a Complex list or something! *please read the last predicate in the cadence of the “Workout Plan” intro* The line was “If you leave Mickey, you gone end up with a Goofy// I imagine that’s what Chris told Karrueche” and it was nowhere in the neighborhood of Janet-snub. So, theory debunked… on to the next one.

Maybe it’s that the world has decided to take it a little easier on Ye now that he’s hanging out on the beach with North, lacing her in Yeezus tour jackets, crying in interviews and bringing with him more into interviews so much composure that it’s a wonder if he’s been shot with Thorazine before going on air. But nah, they still finding ways to poke fun at the one time Louis Vuitton Don like they did when he hit a dance sequence that resulted in a mashup of him dancing to the Rugrats theme (which was fucking great) upon more. So nah… that can’t be it.

At several times throughout his career, even the College Dropout days when people claimed Kanye to be this humble, gentle -he was neither- prodigy, he spoke supremely confident about disregard for the orthodox else. He also posited his divine placement into our lives (see last verse in “School Spirit” for proof). And if that isn’t proof enough that he’d not become the international asshole, yet, just listen to “Last Call”. A little more than a year after the release of his debut LP, any resistance to spew shit he may had before was on pigeon mode when he claimed good ol’ “W” didn’t care about Black people. His hubris continued, unchecked, for years until the T Swizzle incident, he’d been on for five years at the time. And then, finally then, the world decided to speak on Kanye. Now he was the bad guy. They’d finally had it with his loose, Tsar cannon of a mouth. And the “Runaway” Ye was born, in conjunction with the even less apologetic one. Verbal offenses came another after another from him, then. Then there were the self-proclaiming superlatives of his body of work, the outright claiming of his divinity, and even “Watch the Throne”, a project dedicated to how awesome he was. So back to the line, which is arguably more contestable than his claim that in 2013 he reached a point that Mike never did. Could it be that we’re done with this Kanye? Everything that he’s said up to this point has numbed us. Our tolerance no longer allows our strings to pulled by his plucking comments. Kanye’s jig could be up and we’ll no longer play the bourgeois crowd in his rendition of Dom Juan. Has he lost us?

Allow yourself to be scared/incensed right now, because it’s very much plausible that Kanye has not lost us. Possibly, all he’s said about him being the top-ranking rockstar in the world right now and ludicrous things of the like hold a little truth. Maybe has he reached a point that Michael Jackson never did as far as being hitting a ceiling creatively. Now this is all speculation, but give his statements some consideration and offer rebuttals to all the instigative comments that the new Michelangelo has made. Can you? If you cannot, then can anyone else? And if they cannot, what’s the cause of the frontin’? If Kanye is second to only Michael Jackson in just over 10 years as a public figure, what is to say that he cannot equal or surpass what the King accomplished?

What’s most important in all of this though, at the end of the day is how Janet feels about this?