SCM’s Sweetest Summer Throwbacks

We’re mid way through June and if you ain’t had a barbecue yet consider yourself slippin’… For those who have, you’ve surely sure come face-to-face with the conundrum of what to fire up on the speakers, as importantly as what to fire up on the grill. You likely were unable to chill all the way out, though, as the playlist was subpar, hampering the function’s ability to go up. But the good people at Sweet Chain Music got ya back like chiropract and we present to you, sure to set the summer vibe, our first compilation via Spotify. And the best part about is every single track is refreshingly retro!


WARNING: Don’t sit your meat next to the speakers while this plays cause your shit will get seared


We wanted to keep it short and sweet so we threw in a lil’ extra from each of contributors that can serve as some supplemental heat.


Sweet Kev – 1.Here I Am – Rick Ross feat. Avery Storm & Nelly

2. Smile – G-Unit

3. Your Body – Pretty Ricky


KT – 1. Number One – Pharrell, Kanye West,

2. Disco Inferno – 50 Cent

3. Bump, bump, bump -B2K feat. P Diddy

Sweet Nuk’em – 1. Back to the Crib – Juelz Santana feat. Chris Brown

2. Way of Life – Cash Money

3. Cali Iz Active – DPG