Just Another MJ-Kanye Comparison #SNS

Yeezy season approaching, is it? Well when, dammit?! We all want to know… Is there a Louis V groundhog we should be looking for or some shit? Someone send us a sign.

This is what the internet has loudly been on edge about for the last epoch. Pretty much since Yeezus dropped and disappointed the mainstreamers whose deaf ears disallowed any appreciation for the album. The Sway interviews that teased a  surprise haven’t eased the angst for the album either. But before we continue into an article that conjures up all the reasons why SWISH is taking as long as it is to do like Ali and shake up the world, let me reiterate that Ye is much more than a musical artist -more than a rapper, if you will. It’s funny how the same people claiming to recognize Kanye’s reach quickly complain about his album not yet being here. You know what else isn’t here yet? His second child!  So, you self-centered, why hasn’t Kanye given me a new quote for my IG bio asking ass muhfuckas need to chill like an overworked glacier or whatever and let the man focus on the fam.

But I’m not here to scold y’all, just want to point out that Kanye, like Walt Whitman, contains multitudes. He’s doing more than music and more than just his own music. And there’s no need to rush what will likely be perfection. ‘Cause we’ve seen this from a bard, who stood out as the kosmo of a prior generation and after a long wait, a few lawsuits, and a completely different album, we got -yep, you guessed it!- Thriller! Muthafuckin Thriller! You know, the best-selling album of all time, pulled off with just 42 minutes of music, might I add. It was a long time coming and paid dividends like a sumbitch. And here Kanye is doing his best MJ impression again, whether intentional or not. 

As effortless as Mike may have made his marksmanship in Thriller seem, it was quite the process in going through in ascertaining that every note played, every cymbal hit, every “hee-hee” was Gold delivered by late heavy bombardment. One complete version of the album sounded so bad to Mike he left the studio crying, according to Taraborelli’s Magic and Madness. It’s also reported that, at one point, Mike said he’d rather have the album “shelved forever” than it not live up to its expectations.

I don’t how many Kanye quotes you’re familiar with but if that Primadonna level 5000 line doesn’t sound like the man who likened himself to Michelangelo, I don’t even know how you got here. In fact, it’s likely there’s some shit of Kanye’s that would blow our minds but due to his obsession with besting, we’ll probably never hear it.

Anyway. After Mike cried in the car like Redd from Friday, he and Quincy got back to the task at hand and spent a week remixing each song down to some of that ol’ gangsta shit that now stands as a lynchpin in American culture. And it wouldn’t be outlandish to think that Ye is going through some similar things right now. You can bet it gets a little harder to outdo your previous projects when each of them respectively fuck up the game. Plus, like, Mike was just on his second album when it came to him trying to outdo “Off the Wall” whereas Kanye has 7 albums to outdo, on top of great production, while facing competition from… ok, he has 7 albums to outdo and some great production.

Considering the type of minds we’re dealing with here, it must be noted that it’s not just a musical thing with these guys. If Mike Jack liked the vag as much as Yeezy does, he’d likely have spent years riding ferris wheels and building forts with kids of his own and we NEVER (eva, eva, eva!) would’ve gotten Thriller. But thanks to what what we’ll call intelligent design, Mike didn’t have those distractions until a much later time. Creatively though, Mike stayed busier than the horniest person you know, keeping his head down and cranking out good-goodness for the masses, his first children. This is why the labels grew as impatient as they did, pressuring the 24 year old to wrap up so they could begin raking the dough. Mike had other plans, though. In 1981, he began working on music for a storybook to be paired with the upcoming E.T., taking time away from him putting together the 30 tracks considered for Thriller’s release.

Source: Friday Fun Facts

Source: Friday Fun Facts

In the future, the effort dedicated to the  Extra Terrestrial album narration might be compared to the time Kanye took creating and prepping the Yeezy 350 Boost release, which will undoubtedly go down as a monumental moment in music history. Right now though, it seems the shoes could end up being as rare and coveted as the original copies of “Someone In The Dark”, Mike’s song on the E.T. album, which is Mike’s most valuable single ever.

This is the type of history we’re dealing with -and often forget about- when we’re continuously blabbing, complaining, and gossipping about Ye’s next release. Till now, every project of his has been masterful… So what would stop this from being the same Library of Kan-gress worthy material to which we’ve been accustomed? We’ve watched Kanye become more and more meticulous and calculated when it comes to his endeavors and if this trajectory that follows MJ’s, no matter how loosely, continues we are bound to get some more precedent-setting, face-melting audio from the guy who’s quoted saying he aspires to be better than Picasso. C’mon, son, the guy would snuff Picasso if he felt like he wasn’t getting the recognition he deserved. It’s not a game out here.

SWISH is gone be here one day and we’re all gone love it. Or you gone hate cause of all of your friends do and never give it its full due until years later when the masses finally come around. You ol’ I fuck with Kanye but only when the homies fuckin with Kanye so imma be quiet until a verdict is reached by FB and the presses ass teeter-totters. Am I scolding y’all again?