All of the Lights : Week 1


Traveler’s Note: What we have is here is a collection of write-ups composed during downtimes (let’s hope there are few) that tell my French story. Mon histoire francais. As this is partly a music blog, my journal entries will be sonically driven, giving insight on how music is shaping my time in the City of (flashing) Lights. Enjoy! 


At the airport in North Carolina before my four month stay in the city of lights. Definitely going to try fit some (music) writing betwixt all the discovery and the fuckery. First thing that popped into my head when I touched down was the Petey Pablo classic. What was the official title of the song anyway? “Helicopter”? “Nawf Carolina”? Oh shit, I think it was called “Raise Up”! You just witnessed that discovery real-time, no lie. Anyway, here I am, unsure of what to really expect with only a few things on my mind right now: Champagne, figuring out my phone situation (T Mobile, you guys are an exemplary, exceptional, idiotic, incompetent group of muhfuckas, I tell you what), and lastly trying to get some tickets for the Major Lazer show in Paris in a few weeks. I think me making it to either of their two shows will render any picked pockets, any credit card fraud, any obnoxious French snobbery moot. So let’s see how that goes and raise a glass of Chartreuse or Hennessy to my first time ever outside the country! A la tienne!

P.S. I was fortunate enough to import some of my old CDs into my iTunes thanks to my conveniently located (in my Momma’s trunk) CD case. So i got some shit right now! Like some shit!  Recently added are “Dangerous”, “Late Registration”, and Rick Ross’ fuckin opus, GFID! I think next time someone ask you that stupid what would you take on an island with you question, the answer is amazingly clear now; Nick’s “13 …. MacBook Pro. Au revoir. I’m bout to try this whole drinking before a flight thing.

Oh and shoutout Black by Young! Which reminds me….



Up early and writing. Not sure if im adjusted yet but ive been waking up earlier than everyone else. It’s almost 08h00 and I’ve been up for like an hour just chilling. This is my 3rd day and for lack of a better phrase, Paris has been sick as fuck! The city’s been keeping it surreal. Hit the streets with my roommates after hitting the le Tour Eiffel my first day and being shaken up. We hit the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe which is like the most picturesque shit like ever. Still ain’t had no Champagne, no Cognac, or got my phone situation figured out so its a bit peeving for sure. Though I have been attempting to delve into some more G-shit like find tix for that Major Lazer show via this European Stub Hub called Vivagogo but tbh it sounds hella sketch. I need guidance and a local squad to drop some game on your boy. I found out there’s gonna be a Rae Sremmurd show in December which is probably my best discovery since being here only challenged by  the fact that McDo serves Royal w/ Cheese. I’m pretty my words were “Oh Shit, ROYALE WITH CHEESE!!!” I don’t know if my …study buddies(?), no, Squad Abroad knew why I was so excited. But I def need some more music in my life no matter what it be. I took a cab home from the Eiffel Tower the other night and heard some dope ass soft Electro on the cabbies radio. La flame for sure. Def looking to plug into the local scene. Oh and Monday we went to a hookah bar to dodge the temperamental rainstorm plaguing the city that played nothing but the R&B and radio Rap from the early 00s. It was well worth the 7 dollar anti-Bacchus cocktail and tong-less hookah. How they expect a young to move the coals around and catch a buzz?

Also skated to my school type thing yesterday morning bumping Gangsta Grillz: Dedication. Got lost a few times but what’s more important is that I got to ponder just who thought that Curren$y the Hot Spitta would ever be in the building with Wayne while bumping “Weezie F Baby”… Please say the “baby”



It’s been a week. I’m already scared this is going to go by way faster than I want it to. Perhaps it’s my anxious self but a week in, I don’t feel like I’ve done enough. And I still ain’t had no goddamn  champagne! I know I sound like a wino but sipping some bubbles is something i planned to done once I got off the plane. Poutant, I been doing what I can somewhat to exhaust all opportunities to turn up. The day before my first actual day of class I went out with the squad abroad (im TMing that, so be easy), which was actually just one other person and her friend who was finishing up a summer abroad, but I digress. I hit some wack ass bar who closed on us early before going to a late night spot who had the Absinthe on deck -the stuff is potent. I ended up crashing at the squad’s spot and wearing the clothes and the plaque from the night before to class the next day. <- That’s what I signed up for. Friday was the first real day out, as we started at some bar somewhere in this dense ass, loopy ass city. Though the bartender lacked skill and the place was rather empty, the DJ was in his zone, dropping the hip-hop classics (hip-hop is superfluous there, btw). The squad grew impatient and we left out to some other bar, which I later realized was on the Champs Elysees. A moderately known house DJ was set to headline, which was dope!… For like the first 5 minutes. After trying to hype myself (bustin’ some dumb ass moves that I would never like to see repeated) on the fact that I was in a club in Paris, I kinda just conked out and stood staring at the stage, hoping -irrationally, of course- that Audion would drop anything that was remotely turnt. Never happened. And I left disappointed… with chapped lips.

We got 15 weeks left which is really, like, no time at all and I’m bout to go into grindmode and look for/introduce a function to the Parisiens and the Squad Abroad. And with my phone situation still in l’air, I been stuck with the Dedidcation mixtatpe and Fan of a Fan 2, which i’m starting to get real fucking tired of! I have a sick idea for a Parisien video adaptation of “Yo Shit”, though. I should probably do it… Au revoir