Absence Makes the Heart Grow Aubrey-er

During a New Year function that  saw an unexpected and weirdly heartwarming Birdman-Tunechi reunion, Drake ended his set during the celebration with an announcement that the long anticipated -by most, anyway- Views From the 6 would come sooner than later. While blogs and media outlets ran rabid with the news, plugging it anywhere they could, some -like myself- sat back and shrugged a bit like Huey Freeman when an Obama presidential win was imminent.


Hip-hop and artistry in general is sustained and evolved by regeneration and inventiveness. The reason why no one cares much about the new Carter album by Wayne is all steeped in the simple fact that over the last near decade, Lil Wayne has failed to show another side of himself. We’ve gotten the same Wayne over and over again (“And the ‘F’ stands for (insert word that starts with ‘F’ here)”). We’re over it. It’s the reason why QT’s Hateful Eight isn’t as hyped as was Django. It’s not different enough. And after being saturated with the acclaimed IYRTITL and WATTBA throughout the year on top of classic diss tracks and features that were so damn good, there’s no way that Drake could be in so many places at once that his next project reimagines him in a light in which we’ve never seen him. That 6 God name can’t hold that true. There’s no way possible that Drake can reveal new sides of both himself and the music that we’ve not yet been privy. Anything we got right now would be too popular to care about in the long term. IYRTITL is already having trouble as the segue into “Where Ya At” and WATTBA quickly arrived and eclipsed -for the meantime, at least- the smash project of almost a year ago. We went from “woes” to Jumpman rather quickly and it seems that in just a little while, we’ll have new Drake quotables that turn the world on its head. That hotline’s gone bling sooner than later.

This argument doesn’t come from a place of Drake-hate. It’s the exact opposite. This perspective comes from a history major and journalist that wants to see an era fully appreciated before something new is presented. It also seems important that Drake go through some more heartache, beef, or another Grammy cycle (full of defeat or victory) before he delivers another project. What’s gonna come of his relationship with Serena? Kendall Jenner IG pics? How will the Raptors season end? And who else might have the cajones to take a shot at Drake meeting their likely demise? These are all questions that need to be answered and those, which, I think, Drake needs to ask himself before letting go of his 4th LP. When considering the 2 ½ year interval between GKMC and To Pimp A Butterfly that saw Kendrick go from legendary to immortal, how could we be remotely satisfied with a project that comes on the heels of two projects that we are not sure how to treat. Will a new project be so different from those two that we come to recognize Drake’s last 12 months as the greatest year a hip-hop artist ever had? ‘Cause if it is that case Views from the 6 is a classic album, we enter a territory that only hosts Kanye on his MBDTF/Watch The Throne run and maybe Tupac circa Me Against the World-All Eyez on Me. Maybe.
While Drake is one of very few capable of going for a hip-hop turkey (that’s 3 strikes in a row), the possibility of being spoiled with such mastery is still bleak. I end this by asking all to band together and begging Aubrey to please (pleassseeeee!!!!) take another break from Views until he undergoes some more growth cause we can’t miss Drake if he’s never gone.

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